It’s a game-changer, but it doesn’t change the game.

Bold Poker reimagines the way you interact with your cards. With just three simple gestures you get the most intuitive and elegant poker experience to date.

Secure & Private.

All communication is encrypted - it can’t be intercepted or decrypted at any time.

TLS 1.2 encrypted with
certificate pinning and
perfect forward secrecy

Leaving only
your cards to chance.

Bold Poker

A good shuffling algorithm is unbiased — you should see a uniform distribution of cells without visible streaks. Bold Poker uses the Fisher-Yates shuffle to provide unbiased shuffling of cards.

for n = 100 hands

Botched Poker

A bad algorithm will show streaks in the matrix, indicating an un­even distribution. Violet-colored cells represent negative bias and green-colored cells represent
positive bias.

for n = 100 hands