Bold Poker

Deal with it

Available for iPad, iPhone and Android.

Bold Poker is your personal poker dealer.
Enhance your home game. Play more hands.

Meet the future of poker.

Bold Poker displays the board cards beautifully on your iPad. Each player holds their own hand on their iPhone or Android device. Host or join a table with a single tap. You'll be placing your first bets in seconds.

Click anywhere on the iPad screen to interact with the board and button.

Your personal poker dealer.

Your iPad displays the board cards. Swipe to reveal the flop, turn or river. Move the button to have Bold Poker instantly deal out a new hand.

Bold Poker transforms your phones and devices into an intelligent deck of cards. Elegant and intuitive design gives you professional-level gameplay.


To peek at your hole cards, cover them up using one hand. Dragging down on the cards will allow you (and only you) to take a peek at them.


To fold your cards, swipe up. Did you fold accidentally? No problem, you can always undo folds.


Swipe all the way down to show your cards. Bold Poker will calculate the winning hand and show it.

With Bold Poker for iPhone, VoiceOver users can connect their headphones and have their cards read out to them.

Click anywhere on the device’s screen to try out the pocket card interactions for yourself.

  • iPhone
  • Android

Real poker.
Only better.

This is real poker. You'll use real chips to place bets and feel good raking in your winnings. Bold Poker replaces the deck of cards only (not the chips), relieving you and your friends of the time-consuming work of collecting, shuffling and dealing.

Free to try.
Unlock to go all night.

Let Bold Poker deal for you, free of charge. Play with the fully functional free version all night if you like, the dealer will just take a 5 minute "cigarette break" every 30 minutes.

Get a full night of uninterrupted professional play for $4.99.

Note: Only one player needs to unlock uninterrupted play for the table via an In-App Purchase on their iPhone or iPad.


Fair, Secure & Private

Bold Poker shuffles your cards better than any human or shuffle machine can.

All communication is encrypted (using TLS 1.2 with certificate pinning and forward secrecy) — it can’t be intercepted or decrypted at any time.

Learn more about how Bold Poker shuffles your cards

TLS 1.2 encrypted with
certificate pinning and
perfect forward secrecy

What People Are Saying

“Crazy idea, exquisitely well done.”

— John Gruber, Daring Fireball

“…significantly more efficient than even a professional dealer using a $22,000 Deck Mate.”

— Paul Ikeda,

“Bold Poker is an innovative way of enjoying Texas hold ‘em poker on your iOS devices. It is the opposite of your typical online multiplayer card game. It does one thing and it does it brilliantly. I can’t think of a better way to play Texas hold ‘em after Bold Poker.”

— Mikhail Madnani, Beautiful Pixels

New in Bold Poker 3.4

Four-color deck and new red card backs.

Read all about it on the blog